• Margi and Kassia the founders of Fierce+Regal LOVE FIERCE WOMEN who are not afraid to let their inner badass SHINE!

  • We demand the best quality in every aspect of life, that's why we produce everything proudly in the USA.

  • Our fabric is selected with care from Italy.

  • You can toss everything in the wash and dryer without having to separate, (who has time for that?) or worry about shrinkage or pilling.

  • We make the band around our bras and crops tight on purpose for ultimate support, it may be easier to shimmy into than pull over your head. Same for our leggings, it may seem like a work out to get the leggings on, once you succeed you will see the method to our madness and be addicted to our fit and fabric

  • Our pieces play nicely in the playground (your closet) mix our sexy tops with your favorite jeans, throw on your favorite hoodie with our leggings, OR go head to toe in Fierce+Regal throw on some badass boots and killer jacket, you're ready to go!

XX, Margi and Kassia