How to Style Your Biker Shorts

You may have thought you’d never see the day, but biker shorts are BACK! Making their first debut in the ‘80s, this fashion statement has come a long way since they were worn for strictly aerobic classes and cycling. Although they may have disappeared from our closets for the past 2 decades, they’ve gained quite a bit of momentum the past few years, and believe it or not, have become one of the hottest trends of Summer 2019! Not only are biker shorts seen in exercise classes, but women are wearing them to the club on a Saturday night, to brunch with their friends Sunday morning, and even just running errands. Biker shorts can be dressed up or down for any occasion, and mastering this trend may be even easier than you thought! Check out our styling tips below to become a biker short pro! 

Biker Short Outfits for a Night Out

For your next girls night out, forget the short skirts and tight dresses; Grab your favorite pair of biker shorts and get ready to have some fun with styling. With a plain pair of biker shorts, you can mix and match with nearly any top in your closet, from blazers to button-ups to crop tops. Our shiny Biker Shorts pair perfectly with the Hoodie Bomber, for a flashy and flirty look. Toss on your favorite pair of booties or low heels, and you’re styled for the night! Not only will you look fierce, but with the comfort and ease of movement in biker shorts, you’ll be ready to dance the night away!

Casual Biker Short Outfits 

As easily as biker shorts can be dressed up for Saturday night, they’re versatile enough to be your lazy Sunday morning and brunch attire, too! Whether you’re running errands, or just hanging on the couch, a pair of biker shorts are a necessity for any athleisure wardrobe this summer. They’re even perfect for traveling, as they’re comfortable enough to sit through a lengthy flight, yet stylish enough to look ready-to-go wherever you land! Throw them on with our fierce Tunic, for a comfortable and classic look. 

Working out in Your Biker Shorts 

Last but certainly not least, biker shorts are becoming a “must-have” for any workout wardrobe. Whether it be a cycling class, yoga, running, or sweaty gym session, biker shorts are the perfect go-to. With optimal compression and quick-dry fabric, you can feel confident that your shorts will stay in place and flatter you in all the right places. Pair your biker shorts with The Bustier, The Bra, or The One Shoulder for a guaranteed fierce look!